Italy are famous for beautiful
views , social atmosphere
and delightful buildings . Experienced
tourist should necessarily visit this country
at least once in a lifetime. He will this way that
whole world maybe very varied, so
worth it getting to know it regularly and see his unusual neighborhood .
In Italy worth interest certainly will Rome,
so he can be best place
travels . And with which historic buildings should be
get acquainted Italy, to the trip was interesting ?
At beginning it is possible go to to the Colosseum – most attractive monument in Italy. This real hallmark
Italy , called also Flavian Amphitheater.
The first elements of the building were created already in the 1st century, and until
today remains monument retain
are on the ground, so visitors be in
able still them watch. Next stage
trips will Monument to Victor Emmanuel II, to which goes
you will reach it avenue from the Flavian Amphitheater. Object
enchants with its beauty , and best looks at night . Altar means
very a lot for native Italian residents,
because is a monument state
Rome, therefore must absolutely be placed
schedule trips . And the next , very much
attractive object will be Roman Forum , that is age square
urban. It is surrounded by six hills among which has its place
known to everyone Palatine. Previously that’s what Forum
Romanum was object, where organized
the most important moments from public life. Building
was destroyed many years ago, however now
willing still can see its remains and this way experience truly Italian life. Equally
attractive object is Arch of Constantine
Great, built in the years 312-315. It was made to honor Emperor Constantine and reward him for
won against Maksentius. Tourists obligatory
must look at details arc which
were done with amazing diligence .
The Arch of Constantine will be a great ending Italic

Of course Rome everyone {will charm |
completely something else . All right then go
to various buildings, see to side
streets and enjoy landscape Italy . In
during sightseeing monuments, it is worth sometimes for
moment stop and go to roadside
restaurants. in the end this country is known for
fantastic cuisine, that’s why everyone here

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